Specials for August 17, 2019

Braised Beef Burrito - Braised Sirloin, Rice, Beans, Salsa, House-made Queso Fresco - 9.75,
Sour Cream on the side - 1.00

Chicken Gyro - Homemade, Special Recipe Tzatziki, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion - 7.50

Cape Abilities Tomato Sandwich - Sweet, Thick Cut Tomatoes from RIGHT DOWN THE STREET, Served on a Warm, Homemade Brie Cheesecake Roll with Fresh Black Pepper, Mayo and Lettuce - 6.00

Old Neighborhood Gemini Chili Dogs - Twins! Two Delicious Franks made in Lynn, Mass., served on Soft Sausage Buns under a blanket of House-Made, 100% Choice Angus Chili- 8.00
Make them Chili-Cheese Dogs for 1.00 more!